Dessert | デザート

Strawberry Gazpacho with Basil Sorbet Straberry puree, katafi, creme fraiche, anko, anko tuile

Sake Poached Starfruit Carpaccio Cantaloupe melon sorbet, soymilk sorbet, topped with soymilk foam and a maple syrup black sesame tuile

Hoji-Cha Panna Cotta  Japanese roasted green tea panna cotta with seasonal sorbet & hoji-cha crisp 

Monaka Sandwich  Choice of vanilla or green tea with red beans and berries GF

Soba Tea Brûlée   Buckwheat tea brÛlée with buckwheat shortbread  GF

Cookie Plate  Assorted Japanese tea shortbreads 

Housemade Ice Cream  Scoop of premium matcha, hoji-cha, genmai-cha, earl gray, or caramel  GF

Housemade Sorbet   Scoop of pomegranate, citrus, kabocha, or soy milk V / GF

Chocolate Tart with Yamazaki Whisky Ice Cream  Warm chocolate tart with Yamazaki whisky & kokutou ice cream

Sake Pear Compote  Sake-marinated pear compote with a pomegranate sorbet on an asian pear salad, soy bean crisp and soy milk foam